Do special-needs people know they are special-needs people?

Answer Among some debate, "special-needs people" will have some awareness they are different and may have some intellectual reference to their categorization depending on their psychological state and abi... Read More »

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What causes people to have special needs and why does people call that stuff special needs any ways?

What subjects do people need to look after special needs people?

That's a tricky one. There's a thin line between protecting others and being accused of abuse yourself. I am a complying parent, because I know better than anyone that my special needs son can be v... Read More »

How to Act Around People With Special Needs?

Going somewhere where you know there are going to be people with special needs? Need to know how to be respectful? Well, here is how you do it!

Why does people have special needs?

my 3 year old son still not chewing food