Why doesn't Facebook help people find their soulmates?

Answer Facebook only shows a very small, limited amount of what constitutes a whole person, and even that is a partial fabrication of the personality of the account holder.  You will not find a "soul mat... Read More »

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Hiv exist?

Go to work in a public hospital as a nurse and have to take care of patients with HIV or AIDS and you'll know it's not a hoax. Can't fake lesions and a low T cell count. Not everything is a conspir... Read More »

Do aliens exist?

i think it will be selfish to believe that we are alone in this huge universe.

Does hiv exist?

HIV, or the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, is the virus that causes AIDS. It was first identified in the early 1980s. HIV is transmitted through blood and body fluid, and it is considered a sexually... Read More »

Why do stocks exist?

Stocks represent partial ownership in a company that investors may purchase to have a claim on the gains the company generates. Money raised from selling stock is used by the company to finance ope... Read More »