Do sonic mole repellers work?

Answer I've read that researchers conclude ultrasonic devices do not work.I do have personal experience with sonic devices however. Sonic devices send out a chatter that mimics a rodents distress call. Th... Read More »

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Do electronic rodent repellers really work?

On One Hand: Ultrasonic Noise Can Frighten PestsHearing is an important tool for the survival of any rodent, and any unfamiliar noise--even one outside of normal human hearing range--can signal a p... Read More »

Do ultrasonic pest repellers work?

On One Hand: They Do Not WorkUltrasonic pest repellers are supposed to repel pests by high-pitched sound. Unfortunately these devices do not work in repelling pests, according to Read More »

Does home mole removal work?

On One Hand: A New SolutionWhether someone has little and innocuous moles throughout the entire body, or annoying moles that are a complete nuisance, home mole removal is the right choice. Nowadays... Read More »

How does a Sonic Screwdriver work?

It unlocks things by sending out a high frequency sound that can brake or unlock locks, using this high frequency sound it can also break glass and lights. It might also send a magnetic wave that i... Read More »