Do some tv shows have a negative effect on children?

Answer On One Hand: Television Violence Affects ChildrenAccording to the University of Michigan, thousands of studies have established a concrete link between exposure to media violence and violent behavi... Read More »

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What are the negative effects of TV game shows?

They tend to oversimplify complex topics- and use often confusing clues. Jeopardy for example. they have elements of gambling, which is morally wrong. some like the long defunct Name That Tune have... Read More »

Nothing shows up when i scan my negative film HELP!!!?

If you are on a PC, try loading a negative and then push the Quickscan button. Also download VueScan and see if that works. If you can't scan with any of these programs, first uninstall the scann... Read More »

Negative effect of early marriage?

The couple change as they grow up and the majority gets divorced when they get older. Many don't get the education they could have because they had children early, planned or unplanned.

Do emotions have a negative effect on the stomach?

On One Hand: Stress and Anxiety Can Cause Stomach ProblemsStress and anxiety can cause many physical symptoms, including stomach problems like abdominal pain and diarrhea. In addition, headaches, s... Read More »