Do some barbers use thinning shears?

Answer If the hair needs thinned in certain areas a barber may use thinning shears.The hair can also be thinned with a razor or with regular shears or with a clipper fitted with a thinning blade.

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What Are Thinning Shears Used For?

Whether thinning shears are being used on a person or on a pet, they do the same thing. They thin out the hair they are used to cut. Groomers use thinning shears to create a more attractive coat on... Read More »

How to Use Thinning Shears?

Thinning shears are a great way to tame overly thick or unruly hair. They take off excess weight and make your hair look more manageable. Thinning shears can thin and shape your hair without alteri... Read More »

Differences Between Thinning Shears?

Hair stylists use thinning shears to remove hair and reduce bulk or to add texture in hairstyles. Thinning shears can control curly and other hair types without changing the underlying hairstyle. T... Read More »

What Are Double Thinning Shears?

A necessity for a serious hairstylist, double thinning shears can meet the needs of discerning customers looking to achieve a specialized hair style. Double thinning shears have two rows of teeth t... Read More »