Do some ants have wings?

Answer Some ants do have wings and are referred to as winged ants, or swarmers. According to the Iowa State University Extension, although most ants are born without wings, when a colony of wingless ants ... Read More »

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What is the name of ants with transparent wings?

Ants with transparent wings are called "swarmers." Swarmers measure only 3/8 of an inch, but they're twice as long as worker ants. Swarmers are yellow or brown in color.References:Iowa State Univer... Read More »

Do queen ants have wings?

Queen ants have wings which are shed when they establish a new nest. The males that mate with a queen also have wings, while worker ants have no wings. An ant colony has one or more queens, dependi... Read More »

What kind of bugs like the bathroom&look like tiny ants with wings?

There could be several types of insects that fit that description, but the most likely answer is termites. Termites resemble ants with wings and termites prefer moisture-rich areas (they are about ... Read More »

Why are chicken wings called buffalo wings?

They're chicken coated in hot sauce, so why are they named after a large mammal? A few facts about buffalo wings.The NameThe "buffalo" in buffalo wings refers not to the animal but to Buffalo, New ... Read More »