Do some Asian girls get pregnant in their teens?

Answer ALL racits get pregnant in their teens.

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I'd like to hear from pregnant teens or mothers of pregnant teens:?

1.) What is your age?I will be 16 in a few weeks2.) How far along are you?My son will be a year old two days after I turn 163.) What was the reason you had sex? (ex: pressure from bf)Honestly, I ha... Read More »

Do pregnant teens prefer the company of other pregnant teens?

It depends on the teen. It's like asking if dying people prefer the company of other dying people, or if midgets prefer the company of midgets.

Hairstyles for Asian Teens With Bangs?

Asian hair has its benefits and drawbacks. The hair is usually stronger with more shine than other types of hair. However, Asian hair can sometimes be hard to cut and style because the texture show... Read More »

Why do some Non-Asian girls always say All Asian girls look the same?

Every race says that about every other race. dont sweat it.