Do some Asian girls get pregnant in their teens?

Answer ALL racits get pregnant in their teens.

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Why do some Non-Asian girls always say All Asian girls look the same?

Every race says that about every other race. dont sweat it.

Girls, when someone mentions their a soccer player...what are some of the first things you girls picture?

toned, muscular thighs and butt ;)he knows how to score., i'd probably get along with him because i play myself. i'd be able to be competitive with him which is a complete turn on.

Is there help for teens who are pregnant and get thrown out of the house by their parents?

Answer most places have a womens crisis center that can give you temp helo and help you get on your feet and get started and explain options look in the phone book for womens crisis center

Example of why should pregnant teens give their baby up for adoption?

There really are only 2 reasons: If they don't want to be parents but is against an abortion.