Do snapping turtles have mammary glands?

Answer As a reptile, snapping turtles have reptilian characteristics. These include having scales and being cold-blooded. Only mammals have mammary glands to provide milk to their young. Snapping turtles ... Read More »

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If you have mammary glands are you pregnant?

If you are female you have mammary glands......aka breasts....

How do snapping turtles eat?

Snapping turtles are opportunistic eaters, consuming nearly any food that can fit into their mouths. Snapping turtles ambush their prey from the bottom of a body of water. Alligator snapping turtle... Read More »

Where do snapping turtles go in the winter?

Snapping turtles go deep underwater or burrow into mud during the winter to reach environmental temperatures above freezing. The need for oxygen and food decreases as their body temperature lowers.... Read More »

Are there snapping turtles in Delaware?

Snapping turtles do inhabit Delaware, as these freshwater reptiles, which can grow to weigh as much as 45 pounds in the wild, live across most of the eastern United States. In Delaware, the snappin... Read More »