Do small and light weight girls die if they are over 25 and have a baby?

Answer ok, then how do women die of preqnency

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Can a grandparent retain custody of their daughter's unborn baby if they have power of attorney over the daughter?

Answer No, the girl has all rights to the child and once she has the child, she can get help from the state to raise her child or put it up for adoption. A grandparent can take the girl to court an... Read More »

Do girls care if your over weight?

Some girls do but a lot really dont. It all about what u have in common with a girl and u have to try to ask the girl questions and show if ur interestedWell, yes, but if they really like you it wo... Read More »

What weight does a child have to weight before they can stop using a car seat?

Why are girls always worrying about their breasts, and how they are to small?

I have smaller boobs and the reason why I don't like them is because I don't feel very confident. It's like when guys compare muscles or when a guy is embarrassed about having a small penis. Also, ... Read More »