Do sleeping pills need to be prescribed?

Answer As other people have said, you can buy over the counter sleeping pills at any drug store without a prescription. These include benadryl, tylenol pm, sominex, nytol, excedrin pm, etc. They all have ... Read More »

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Do I need sleeping pills?

I never advocate sleeping pills. I was on them as a teenager (seraquil) and its nasty stuff. You're a bit young so I don't know if you'd be into it, but when I was 17 I started meditation for sleep... Read More »

Are sleeping pills made for over the counter or do I need a doctors note?

you need a perscription any thing over the counter call your therapistsand send some ambien to your store and pick it up to help ypu sleepthe only thing you can't have is narotics you have to go an... Read More »

Caffine Pills.. Sleeping Pills?

yea i don't think it is good for you. it speeds ur heart up then slows it down and back and forth. if u are going to do it then just be easy on both of them. and make sure u wait a while after u... Read More »

Can you crush ANY type of prescribed pills to get high?

No and your friends are idiots. Many drugs are built so that medicine releases in a timely manner so one get long lasting effects without overdosing. Snorting or ingesting crushed medicine could ... Read More »