Do sleeping pills need to be prescribed?

Answer As other people have said, you can buy over the counter sleeping pills at any drug store without a prescription. These include benadryl, tylenol pm, sominex, nytol, excedrin pm, etc. They all have ... Read More »

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Caffine Pills.. Sleeping Pills?

yea i don't think it is good for you. it speeds ur heart up then slows it down and back and forth. if u are going to do it then just be easy on both of them. and make sure u wait a while after u... Read More »

Can you crush ANY type of prescribed pills to get high?

No and your friends are idiots. Many drugs are built so that medicine releases in a timely manner so one get long lasting effects without overdosing. Snorting or ingesting crushed medicine could ... Read More »

Do you take sleeping pills?

yes! i have had a sleep disorder since childhood and i can't sleep without drugs(legal and/or illegal) or alcohol, sometimes, actually often both

Sleeping pills lol :P?

anything with lots of Chamomile is a healthy natural alternative to sleeping pills. Chamomile as you may already know can be found in various teas. I personally use Bell's tea which has lots of it... Read More »