Do sleeping bags lose their insulation?

Answer Yes, sleeping bags can lose their insulation over time. Synthetic insulation materials in sleeping bags break down and lack the insulating qualities they had at purchase after regular use. Sleeping... Read More »

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Who makes the best sleeping bags?

On One Hand: Coleman Sleeping BagsColeman is a well-recognized brand name in the camping and outdoor sports arena. Their selection of sleeping bags are mostly rectangular, three-season items that a... Read More »

Can Coleman sleeping bags be washed?

Yes, according to Coleman's product care instructions, their sleeping bags can be washed. However, do not use top loading agitator washers and do not dry clean Coleman sleeping bags. Coleman recomm... Read More »

Are bivy sacks sleeping bags&a tent in one?

Bivouac sacks, or bivy sacks, are not tents or sleeping bags. Instead, they are a tight, waterproof enclosure designed to protect a sleeping bag from the elements. Bivy shelters, which often includ... Read More »

Does fiberglass insulation lose its properties?

Fiberglass insulation may lose its R-Value (a measure of insulating efficiency) in certain conditions. Wet fiberglass will lose R-Value as will compressed fiberglass, for example, because both lead... Read More »