Do skittles dissolve when used as a suppository?

Answer They're composed mostly of sugar, which dissolves in water/liquid. But there is also guar gum and other ingredients which probably will not dissolve. Hopefully it will pass on it's own, but depend... Read More »

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Are enzymes used to dissolve hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid creates a woven gelatinous compound of glycoaminoglycans in the body and forms a lump in the area it has collected. Injecting the enzyme hyaluronidase into the lump will dissolve th... Read More »

Which type of water should be used to dissolve sugar: hot or cold?

According to chemistry's principle of solubility, sugar dissolves faster in hot water than cold because hot water has more energy. Heat agitates water molecules and agitation causes more motion ins... Read More »

Was the creator of the new skittles/tube sock commercial on drugs when he came up with the idea?

Okay, had to see this, is it just me that is reminded of a giant condom when watching this?

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