Do sinus problems cause baggy eyes?

Answer On One Hand: Sinus Congestion Leads to Baggy EyesIt's a common myth that lack of sleep causes baggy eyes. In fact, there are many causes for baggy eyes, and sinus congestion is one of them. Nasal c... Read More »

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Can an abscessed tooth cause sinus problems?

Answer Definitely - specifically and upper wisdom tooth. Often the roots of wisdom teeth run into the sinus cavity and even some of the upper molars. If the tooth is abscessed and infected, it c... Read More »

Can sinus Problems cause cancer or give a greater risk?

The sinus problems won't increase your cancer risk. The scarring from your corrective surgeries may cause some problems later in life. The MOST important thing for you to remember is that for you s... Read More »

How to Cure Baggy Eyes?

When you wake up are your eyes bagging? Your eyes might make you seem tired and worn-out. Baggy eyes are actually quite common. If you follow these tips, you can have amazing bag-free eyes! It's si... Read More »

About Baggy Eyes?

Baggy eyes appear for various reasons. Learning why baggy eyes appear and then treating the cause, not only the symptoms, is essential to beating them. This can be done with simple face massages, h... Read More »