Do shrooms loose their magic when older than a year?

Answer I don't know a thing about magic mushrooms. I just run em over with the mower. Unless they are on pizza then they are good... How are you doing??????????????? You never write. You never call. Wha... Read More »

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Do digital cameras loose light sensitivity as they get older?

Your theory does not washI have an old Nikon D100 with over 200,000 shutter cycles on it and it is just over 10 years old. It still takes excellent photos.Shooting indoors in video requires you to... Read More »

Who was the witch or older lady character who lived in the rainbow magic merry wheel go round representing on Mr Rogers neighborhood and were they a real person?

In what year did Magic Johnson get HIV?

Magic Johnson announced that he was HIV positive on November 7, 1991. He retired from basketball the same year. He is now a part owner of the Los Angeles Lakers and works to raise money for HIV/AID... Read More »

Magic Man what year did this song come out?