Do shrooms loose their magic when older than a year?

Answer I don't know a thing about magic mushrooms. I just run em over with the mower. Unless they are on pizza then they are good... How are you doing??????????????? You never write. You never call. Wha... Read More »

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I had a crush on a guy whos 12 years older than me at my cousin's party.but its almost impossible to see him again. and I've been thinking of him for more than a year. what would u do?

I know it's hard to impress someone that's 12 years older than u so move on and find someone else near your age trust me it didn't work out 4 me =P... Good luck!!! =D Your love doctor,Dr.Wiliams (... Read More »

Does it matter if the girl I like is a year older than me i am 18 she is 19.?

it doesn't matter 'as long as u love her'... why?? coz.. there r no rulez in LOVE...

How can a 16-year-old get auto insurance if not through their parents or older siblings?

Answer They can't. Minors cannot enter into contracts, insurance or otherwise.

Why are their 3,5, and 7 year olds more adoptable than ours?

Likely because they won't have to deal with openness at all. Or because they think they are doing the Christian or do gooder thing, helping a child out of devastated poverty. They see these child... Read More »