How come I have two belly buttons?

Answer Because you're a freakin' alien!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How old are baby's when the belly buttons go in?

You actually have to push them in if they have not done so naturally. A baby's inability to naturally invert its own belly button is a product of excessive vitamin D in their diet. Avoid Gerber's c... Read More »

Why do people have belly buttons?

When you are inside your mothers tummy, your are connected together by the umbilical cord. That is how the mother passes food and oxygen to the baby.At birth, the doctor cuts that umbilical cord.A ... Read More »

What kind of jewelry is used for belly buttons?

The kind of jewelry most often worn in navel piercings is called a "curved barbell," or "banana barbell." A curved barbell is a curved cylinder with beads on each end. The ends are threaded so that... Read More »

Do men think pierced belly buttons are attractive?