Do peacocks hibernate?

Answer None of the species of peafowl (peacocks being the males), including the popular pet Indian peafowl, hibernate in the winter. They will seek out warm areas to roost when temperatures drop below 40 ... Read More »

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Do pet turtles hibernate?

Pet water turtles--if kept inside and warm--do not need to hibernate. Still, you will notice that most pet turtles and tortoises will eat and move around less in the winter by nature.References:Cal... Read More »

Do grasshoppers hibernate?

Grasshoppers do not hibernate. Most adult grasshoppers die during the winter when the temperature drops, but grasshoppers that live in warm climates survive. Grasshoppers that die in the winter are... Read More »

Do wasps hibernate?

Queen wasps are the only members of the wasp family that hibernate. Queen wasps find secluded areas, such as small holes in trees or wood, where they hibernate through the winter, according to Kend... Read More »

How do herbs Hibernate?