Do sharks eat manatees?

Answer Though the two live in close proximity to each other, it is very rare for a shark to attack a manatee. Because of a manatee's size and slow movements, a shark will usually leave it alone, though th... Read More »

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How much do manatees eat?

Every day, manatees eat about 10 to 15 percent of their body weight. Being herbivores, or plant eaters, their diet consists of item such as turtle grass, manatee grass, tape grass, water lettuce an... Read More »

What eats manatees?

While manatees do not have many natural predators, in the wild they can come under attack from such water-based threats as sharks, alligators and crocodiles, depending on which region of the world ... Read More »

How do manatees breed?

Manatees are large marine animals that can weigh well over 1,000 pounds. They consume nearly 100 pounds of vegetation every day. Manatees are solitary animals and only come together during breeding... Read More »

What is the speed of manatees?

Manatees are large aquatic mammals that swim rather slowly. On average, they normally swim 3 mph to 5 mph. However, they have been known to swim up to 20 mph in short bursts.Source:Save the Manatee... Read More »