Do sets really matter when you get to GCSES as in top set set 2?

Answer No, but it affects other things that DO matter.The main thing that matters is how good your teacher is, and how much he/she "pushes" you. If you are in a lower set, you will probably have a teacher... Read More »

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How to Revise for Your GCSEs?

They may be near, they may be far, but everybody in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales has to face up to them! Revising is a great way to make sure you don't get stressed in those exams!

What is worth more: mint sets or uncirculated sets?

The terms "mint" and "uncirculated" both imply pristine condition, so the value would depend upon the coins. However, mint condition confers more value on coins intended for circulation--most of wh... Read More »

How to Revise for Your GCSEs in One Month and Get Good Grades?

May-June are probably the worst months when you're in Year 11. You have the majority of your exams to look forward to and the revision for it. Some people start revision early but if you've noticed... Read More »

If i have two TV sets and i pay TV licence fee. do i have to pay for each of the sets or it's all included?