Do seniors have to file income tax returns?

Answer Seniors have to file income taxes, but are allowed more income before they must file. If the senior is single he must make over $10,750 in gross income. If the senior is married filing jointly they... Read More »

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How long does a person have to file federal income tax returns?

Generally, the deadline for filing a federal income tax return is April 15 the year following the tax year. Prior year tax returns may be filed at any time, however only returns filed within a thre... Read More »

If you make less than $10000 per year, do you have to file income tax returns?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, there are several instances that require individuals--even those who earn less than $10,000 annually--to file an income tax return. All individuals who ha... Read More »

How to File State and Federal Tax Returns in Illinois for Free when You Have No Income?

If you are a full-time student with no income, the following is how you as a student living in Illinois can successfully file your State and Federal tax return for free.

How To File Income Tax Returns for 2008?

People miss tax filing deadlines for a number of reasons each year. It is a common misconception that tax returns must be filed on time to receive a refund. This is not always the case. The Interna... Read More »