Do second babies come sooner in pregnancy?

Answer It is a popular theory that 2nd and subsequent babies do have a decreased gestational period, but this is not a fact. It depends entirely upon when your body decides that your baby is ready to be b... Read More »

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Will pregnancy symptoms show sooner if you just had a baby?

Answer Most people don't even realise they are pregnant if they have just had a baby, they just think it is still the post-natal hormones making them feel odd.My cousin was complaining to my Mom t... Read More »

How accurate are the pregnancy tests that claim results in 5 days or sooner?

Pregnancy tests that claim results in less than five days include home pregnancy tests. These tests measure the presence of the hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in a woman's urine. When t... Read More »

Do pregnancy symptoms appear sooner if pregnant with multiples I am so very sick to my stomach and my nipples are tender. My ulta-sound before conception showed multiple eggs.?

It all just depends. You should be glad to be having all of the symptoms--they reflect good hormone levels. I know that doesn't help the sickness, though.

How much babies does a rhino have during one pregnancy?