Do scholarships reduce the Pell Grant amount?

Answer According to Lewis and Clark University, Pell Grants are not reduced by external resources such as scholarships. The Pell Grant may only be reduced if the amount of external resources exceeded the ... Read More »

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Can you get both the Pell Grant&Bright Futures scholarships?

Yes. The Pell Grant is an income-based federal grant to eligible college students. The Bright Futures scholarship is awarded to college students from the state of Florida. Neither program excludes ... Read More »

What is the maximum amount of a Pell Grant?

The maximum amount of a Pell Grant for the 2010-11 school year is $5,550, up $200 from the previous year's maximum. Your fiscal need and student status will determine the amount of money you are aw... Read More »

When you get a Pell Grant, what does"awarded amount"mean?

After s student fills out a FAFSA, the college determines an award amount based on the information sent to the school. Colleges and universities award Pell Grants to students who are below a certai... Read More »

Is a Pell grant amount for a year or a semester?

Each Pell grant award is for a one-year period. However, students must have award funds allocated to them at least once per term or twice in an academic year. It is also possible to receive two con... Read More »