Do scabies show up under a black light?

Answer According to, scabies is one of many skin conditions that can be detected with the use of a black light. Ringworm, fungus, bacterial infections, head lice and bruising can also be det... Read More »

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Why can you see certain objects under a black light?

Objects that glow under black light absorb black, or ultraviolet, light and re-emit the light back as visible light.The Electromagnetic SpectrumLight is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which ... Read More »

Can you see elemental mercury under a black light?

The "glow" emitted by certain substances under a black light results from the substance exhibiting either fluorescence or phosphorescence. These properties involve a phenomenon in which the substan... Read More »

How Do You Make Things Glow Under a Black Light?

MaterialsPick items that will brightly fluoresce, or glow, under a black light. Cotton clothing, white paper, Vaseline and laundry detergent will all show up under a black light. Some minerals glow... Read More »

Why do fluorescent materials glow under a black light?

Fluorescent materials glow under a black light because they absorb photons of invisible, ultraviolet (high-energy) light from the lamp and, in turn, re-emit photons of clearly visible, bright (low-... Read More »