Do salt-free water softeners work?

Answer On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsSalt-free water softeners have many benefits. According to, "Salt-free water softeners use a catalytically working filter," a form of "Nano... Read More »

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What is salt substitute for water softeners?

Due to the increased salinity released into waste water systems and the potential harm to plant roots, many people choose to use a salt substitute in their water softening systems. A common salt su... Read More »

Water Softeners: Salt vs. Potassium Chloride?

Hard water contains a high concentration of minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium. Though hard water is not a health hazard, it is a nuisance. Sodium chloride and potassium chloride salts cr... Read More »

Health Concerns & Water Softeners: Salt Vs. Potassium Chloride?

When water is high in calcium and magnesium, it is termed "hard." When hard water and soap come into contact, the soap does not dissolve and a sticky curd forms. When softening water, the choice to... Read More »

Will Epsom salt water work in juice?

The best way to take it is in water. Maybe you could add some sugar to it or hold your nose while drinking it.