Do root canals hurt?

Answer Only if you have it done without any painkillers or when you are awake.

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Do a root canals really hurt?

Alright...listen. Root canals are not painful if the dentist (me) can get you anesthitized (numb). The problem is most people have infected teeth when they need one and infection works against th... Read More »

Do root canals hurt!?

I can tell you from experience that you've got nothing to be afraid of. The only thing that'll hurt a very little tiny bit will be the numbing shot, but that's just like a sting. After this, you wi... Read More »

How bad to root canals hurt?

I just had one done about 4 hours ago--and I am scared to death of dentist--thank god I have a good one--Anyway NO pain at all other then holding your mouth up for so long thats the worst part I th... Read More »

Do root canals on upper molars hurt longer?

On One Hand: Root Canal Treatment Is NecessaryWhen the root canals of a tooth get infected, root canal treatment is highly effective in curing the infection and saving the tooth. The root canal tre... Read More »