Do roof racks reduce mpg?

Answer A roof rack is not aerodynamically sound and will create wind resistance. Because of that additional drag from the rack, the fuel economy of a vehicle will be reduced by 5 percent, according to ww... Read More »

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How to Install Roof Racks on a Honda Cr-V?

Attaching roof racks to the top of your Honda CR-V will make life much easier for a family going on a long trip, or for someone who needs to move items from one place to the other on a regular basi... Read More »

How to Remove the Roof Racks on a Toyota RAV4?

The Toyota model RAV4 comes with a roof rack for carrying extra luggage. You can use the cross bars that come with your RAV4 or even use aftermarket add-ons. Not everyone wants to keep the roof rac... Read More »

How to Load Two Hobie Kayaks on Roof Racks?

Instructions for fitting a homemade "loading bar" to aid loading of two Hobie kayaks onto car roof racks, particularly such that one unassisted adult can load and unload the kayaks.

How to Reduce Noise from Straps on a Car Roof?

Untwisted straps like this will create noise by vibrationsCarrying items on your car roof with tie down straps, surf straps, or a roof rack can create a large amount of noise when you drive at high... Read More »