Do robins eat bird seed?

Answer American robins (Turdus migratorius) primarily eat insects, fruits and berries. According to Animal Diversity Web, they eat more fruits than insects. Although not a primary food source, robins may ... Read More »

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What is bird seed?

Bird seed is either a prepared food or a naturally occurring food eaten by birds. When most people think of "bird seed," they usually think of the kind of seed purchased in supermarkets and garden... Read More »

Does bird seed go bad?

Bird seed, for both wild and domestic birds, is perishable. Bird seed will dry out over time, as well as gradually lose its nutrients to a process called oxidation. Most commercial bird seed has a ... Read More »

How to Keep Bird Seed Dry?

Is your bird seed wet all the time? Mine is. Here's how to keep it dry.

What is a bird seed that pigeons won't eat?

Pigeons are known for their big appetite for just about everything, and bird seed is no exception. There isn't a specific bird seed that pigeons won't eat, but some pigeons have avoided eating blac... Read More »