Do river otters build dams?

Answer North American river otters do not build dams. Usually, they live in dens created and then abandoned by other river animals, such as woodchucks and muskrats. They sometimes live in dams that beaver... Read More »

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Do river otters migrate?

Although river otters do not migrate, they may travel up to 26 miles each day throughout their territory to frequent resting sites, dens and latrine areas. River otters are most frequently seen dur... Read More »

Are river otters related to cats?

While both animals are mammals in the Carnivora order, river otters are not related to cats. Otters are in the Mustelidae family of the Canoidea superfamily, while cats are grouped in the Felidae f... Read More »

Do river otters live in colorado?

The Colorado Division of Wildlife website states that by the beginning of the 1900s, river otters no longer existed in Colorado. However, in the 1970s, a Division of Wildlife program restored otter... Read More »

What eats river otters?

According to the University of Washington, natural predators of the river otter include coyotes, some species of bear and the bald eagle. With so few predators, river otters are close to the top of... Read More »