Do rhododendrons grow wild in Asia?

Answer Rhododendrons are native to Asian countries and are often found growing wild in India, Bhutan and Nepal. They can also be found growing in Southeastern Asia and the Himalaya region.Source:Middle At... Read More »

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Do rhododendrons grow wild in Japan?

Japan is one of the countries where rhododendrons grow wild. Many of the hardy species of rhododendrons originate from Japan, China and North America. Japan has both evergreen and deciduous types o... Read More »

How to Grow Wild Garlic?

Wild garlic, also known as crow garlic, is a perennial herb that you can grow in your vegetable garden. Native to Europe and parts of Asia, wild garlic yields smaller bulbs than conventional garlic... Read More »

How to avocados grow in the wild?

Live in South Florida with a couple of large Avocado trees. I can't eat them all and many fall to the ground and germinate under the fallen leaves. The soil is moist enough to do this. I usually pu... Read More »

Where do wild leeks grow?

Wild leeks generally grow in cooler climates and are found in the northern part of the United States. Wild leeks thrive in habitats that are rich in sandy soil and have moisture. The wild leeks a... Read More »