Do rexton hearing aids require rexton batteries?

Answer Rexton hearing aids do not require Rexton hearing aid batteries. Batteries from any manufacturer can be used, such as Rayovac. Hearing aid batteries come in sizes 10, 13, 312 and 675. There is an i... Read More »

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If I have good/excellent hearing and I then wear hearing aids.....?

The frequencies amplified to make speech easier to hear, mostly between 1 and 3Khz, are quite high, and one downside of wearing aids is that high-pitched noises. like cutlery and crockery banging t... Read More »

How to Buy Hearing Aids?

If you are suffering from hearing impairment, then buying hearing aids would definitely brighten your life. But make sure that you buy the perfect hearing aid which suits you both physically and ec... Read More »

Who invented hearing aids?

Though its lineage is not completely clear, Miller Reese Hutchinson is often credited with inventing the carbon hearing aid in 1901, but the device amplified a low static sound. Sonotone Corporatio... Read More »

How do hearing aids help students?

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