Do retail processors come with thermal grease?

Answer Most modern computer CPUs purchased in the retail box come complete with a thermal grease that aids the dispersal of heat to the heat sink and fan. "White box" or "OEM" processors usually do not c... Read More »

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Do processors come with motherboards?

Desktop computer motherboards rarely include processors unless sold as a package deal by a retailer. Motherboards have empty processor sockets so you can install the processor of your choice. Lapto... Read More »

Is thermal grease conductive?

Thermal grease conducts heat strongly and electricity weakly. Technicians use it to make a good thermal contact between an electronic component and a heat sink. Since thermal grease has some capaci... Read More »

How do I apply thermal grease to an i7 CPU?

Locate Heatsink BaseLocate the elevated base of the heatsink that you are about to place over your i7 CPU. Some types of heatsinks will already come with three strips of thermal grease, so do not a... Read More »

How do I apply thermal grease?

PreparationsRemove your processor and heatsink from your computer. Consult your computer’s instructions or the manufacturer’s website if you do not know how to do this, because different comput... Read More »