Do rental trucks need to stop at weigh stations?

Answer Standard rental trucks do not need to stop at interstate weigh stations. Weigh station rules are governed by state departments of transportation, and apply to large big-rig trucks. For example, Ore... Read More »

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Does a U-Haul type rental truck need to stop at weigh stations?

According to both U-Haul and the U.S. Department of Transportation, the laws governing which vehicles must stop at weigh stations vary from state to state. Some states require only those above a ce... Read More »

Are rental trucks required to stop at truck stops?

Follow the signage in whichever state you're in when it comes to stopping at weigh stations. However, if your rental truck is below the weight listed on highway weigh station signs, you don't have ... Read More »

Car Seat Regulations on Rental Trucks?

In today's busy world, children spend more time than ever in their family's car. Not being properly restrained when in a car can cause injury and death. According to Safe Kids USA, young children r... Read More »

How much do tow trucks weigh?

Tow trucks come in a wide range of sizes and weights. According to the Montana Tow Truck Association, a larger tow truck has 32,000 pounds of gross vehicle weight. A smaller tow truck has a gross v... Read More »