Do refrigerator magnets increase the energy consumption of a refrigerator due to induction?

Answer Answer No.A refrigerator magnet does not have a strong enough magnet field to affect your motor. Also the motor is mounted either at the top of bottom of your fridge. Far enough away from the outsi... Read More »

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Do fridge magnets inrceases electricity consumption for a refrigerator?

No, they don't effect electricity consumption one way or another. The magnets would have to be extremely powerful to change the consumption of a refrigerator. If you have any doubts, just remembe... Read More »

What is the average power consumption of a refrigerator?

My side-by-side fridge, which is about 8 years old, uses 70 watts on average. When the compressor is actually on, it draws about 200 watts after an initial spike of ~400 watts. The fridge draws 5 w... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Refrigerator Magnets?

By using your own photos, glass gems, and the correct magnets with the right space age glue you can make a crafty refrigerator magnet for your home or friends.

What makes magnets stick to a refrigerator?

In the busyness of our everyday lives, we often take certainties for granted. Inquisitive children are good at questioning such things, like what makes magnets stick to the refrigerator? This is a ... Read More »