Do red light photo enforcement cameras use green lights at night?

Answer Use green lights for WHAT?

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Are red light photo enforcement programs legal?

Red light photo enforcement programs are legal once states pass legislation allowing mailed citations for red light violators. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, approximately... Read More »

Why are red lights on the top of the light, and green are on the bottom of the traffic light?

i don't see why you would want that BUTif the traffic light was invented as with red on the bottomthen that would be normalnot sure who decided the orderand as for what would happen if some one did... Read More »

Why Do Plants Grown Under Blue Light Grow Taller Than Under Red & Green Lights?

Plants are amazing examples of evolutionary adaptation and there's no doubt about that. Over the eons, for example, plants have been able to learn how to use specific colors within visible light to... Read More »

Why does my cameras screen green, and why do the pics have a green tint everytime i take a picture?

Green is usually caused when you shoot under fluorescent lighting with the white balance set to bright sun.The question is this.Does the green image show up on both the cameras LCD and your compute... Read More »