Do radiator covers reduce a radiator's efficiency?

Answer A radiator cover increases a radiator's efficiency by guiding both radiated heat and the flow of warm air. A well-designed cover prevents zones of trapped warm air near the ceiling and promotes air... Read More »

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Why Does the Water in a Car Radiator Often Boil Explosively When the Radiator Cap Is Removed?

A careful guideline about checking coolant on automobiles is to never remove the radiator cap when it is hot due to its explosive nature. Caution should be used as antifreeze coolant is also a dang... Read More »

What Are the Dangers of Radiators?

Other than those with air-cooled engines, all cars have radiators of some sort. Though these important heat exchangers are generally well-engineered, it should never be forgotten that they often c... Read More »

2 of our radiators are not getting hot,they need balancing,how do you do this?

Balancing radiators, fairly easy takes a few days to do.First, a few things to bear in mind.Radiators have valves on both ends. The first valve (inlet) is the FLOW valve, the outlet is called the L... Read More »