Do purple roses exist?

Answer Yes, there are purple roses. While some may have colors that seem altered, there have been roses bred for their purple color since the 1800's. The Cardinal de Richeleau rose, which blooms deep purp... Read More »

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Do black roses exist?

In reality, there are no true black roses. There are some that are referred to as black roses, but they are a very deep red or burgundy. Some of the popular varieties of these dark roses are black ... Read More »

Do blue roses exist or are the made up?

To this day, there has never been a "true" blue rose ever propagated. And if you do see a blue one, it has been dyed or painted. The closest blue roses on the market are actually light lavender in ... Read More »

What do purple roses mean?

Because of their deep, rich color, purple roses convey various meanings. The primary meaning of purple roses is to convey enchantment, specifically love at first sight, though not necessarily perm... Read More »

Are there purple roses?

Through selective breeding, many rose colors have been developed, including purple. Purple roses come in many hues--from lavender to deep purple. Some companies sell these roses using the word "blu... Read More »