Do puppies umbilical cords have to be cut?

Answer If you leave them attached to the mom dog they're less likely to get lost.

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Do baby turtles have umbilical cords?

Turtles are reptiles; therefore they hatch out of an egg. Inside the egg, there is a yolk that gives the embryo food for growing. The embryo is attached to the yolk by an umbilical cord. So baby tu... Read More »

When a pregnant lady has twins is there 1 or 2 umbilical cords?

Two umbilical cords, two placentas, two bags of water, two of everything! That is unless they are conjoined twins.

If cords are too short for a room from a surround sound system..are there longer cords for sale?

Hi, As long as it isn't one of them DVD/Blu-ray Home theater in a box type surround systems a lot of electrical retailers will sell speaker wire on a huge roll and they sell and cut by the metre. I... Read More »

Does an HDTV come with any cords, or do I have to buy cords?

most will come with composite cables but u will probably have to buy your own hd cables. Get either HDMI cables which carry hi-def video and 5.1 dolby digital. or a nice set of components, remember... Read More »