Do propane grills use vapor or liquid propane?

Answer Propane grills use liquid propane, also known as LP, for cooking fuel. In the United States, the most common tank sizes are refillable 20-pound tanks for home grills and disposable 1-pound tanks f... Read More »

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Charcoal vs. Propane Grills?

Barbecuing is a popular outdoor cooking method around the United States and abroad, as a way to prepare daily meals or enjoy food for a special occasion. However, backyard grillers continue to deba... Read More »

Are portable propane grills safe?

On One Hand: They're a RiskPortable propane grills can be a fire risk. If they're used indoors or in a place where there isn't free air circulating, there can be a build-up of propane gas. Also, if... Read More »

Who makes Kenmore propane grills?

Kenmore propane grills are made by Kenmore, a subsidiary of Sears Brands, LLC. The Kenmore product line includes dozens of home appliances, including propane grills, refrigerators, washers, dryers,... Read More »

Who sells cheap propane grills?

If you're buying online amazon has good deals. Here's a link for propane grills…