Do professional football players wear cups?

Answer Professional football players are encouraged to wear cups for safety protection. However, not all players wear cups. Some players opt not to wear a cup in order to enhance speed and agility.Source:... Read More »

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Do football players wear cups or jockstraps?

It is common knowledge across locker rooms that football players wear jockstraps. The jockstrap provides protection and support of the male genitalia area. It consists of a pouch which is usually h... Read More »

Do baseball players wear protective cups?

Protective cups are worn by baseball players of all age levels to prevent serious injury to the testicles. For many high school and college leagues, the protective cup is a mandatory piece of equip... Read More »

Do baseball players wear athletic cups?

Most baseball players wear protective athletic cups. The concern that brings ballplayers to wear an athletic cup is not normal game play; it is the unusual bounces and angles of the game that tend ... Read More »

Do football players wear a cup?

American Football players are not required to and do not choose to wear protective cups. This is because players find that cups are too bulky and uncomfortable, slowing down their movement on the f... Read More »