Do processors come with motherboards?

Answer Desktop computer motherboards rarely include processors unless sold as a package deal by a retailer. Motherboards have empty processor sockets so you can install the processor of your choice. Lapto... Read More »

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Mobile Processors Vs. Desktop Processors?

Mobile and desktop CPUs both serve the same essential purpose. They are the brain of a computer--sometimes a desktop PC, a laptop computer or a handheld device.

Are all motherboards even?

A lot of motherboards have on board graphics, I HIGHLY recommend going to this website buy almost all my parts from there (i... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot PC Motherboards?

Desktop computers can be prone to many problems, most of which will be software-based, but on occasion, the hardware of a computer--even though it has no moving parts--will begin to fail as well. F... Read More »

Can you name some am3+ motherboards that have pci express 3.0 please?

The truth is you don't need it. I know that because you can crossfire 7970 on a ASUS M4A89GTD PRO, which is what I suggest, and still get the full power. Am3 PCI 3.0 doesn't even exist... yet, and ... Read More »