Do printers connect through the USB port?

Answer Most of them do these days... yep. Many of them don't come with a cable, so watch for that and pick one up if it doesn't come with the printer you choose. Better to buy a cable online if you can wa... Read More »

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What happens if ftp connect through port 22?

Why are you trying to use FTP on port 22?Port 22 is for SSH.Port 21 is the FTP control port, and port 20 is the default FTP data port. However, depending upon whether FTP is working in active (port... Read More »

Is there a cable available to connect an ipod to a stereo through the headphone port?

The answer to this question is YES!  and even better, there are cables that aren't *proprietary* whereby charging you an arm and a leg at your local IPOD store.  The headphone jack on the IPOD ... Read More »

I have a EPSON printer with a USB port and want to connect it to my laptop's USB port, is that possible ?

Oh yes, definitely possible. However, if your laptop has 1.0 USB ports you may not be able to get your printer to function properly or at all.If you have 2.0 USB ports on your laptop you should hav... Read More »

What port do printers use?

Legacy printers use a computer's parallel port while modern printers typically use either USB or Ethernet ports to communicate with the computer. Newer printers remove the wires entirely and use wi... Read More »