Do preservatives cause plaque in the intestines?

Answer On One Hand: Recognized HazardsPreservatives in food are widely recognized as substances that can cause negative health issues. Puristat lists such possible conditions as heart disease, cancer, neu... Read More »

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Is something wrong with my intestines?

You certainly need to go and see the doctor. Maybe ask your teacher to ask your Mum if you can go and see the Doctor. If it's that bad then can you not just leave school and go to the Doctor by you... Read More »

What is a fluke in the intestines?

Intestinal flukes can inflict serious damage. These parasitic worms enter the body through foods or water and lay eggs inside the intestine, causing a variety of physical ailments.FlukesFlukes, als... Read More »

What happens when you have longer than normal intestines?

Is mineral oil good for your intestines?

On One Hand: Mineral Oil Can Help In ConstipationMineral oil is used as an ingredient in remedies for constipation, and some laxatives contain mineral oil. The mineral oil effectively forms a film,... Read More »