Do preservatives cause plaque in the intestines?

Answer On One Hand: Recognized HazardsPreservatives in food are widely recognized as substances that can cause negative health issues. Puristat lists such possible conditions as heart disease, cancer, neu... Read More »

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Can food preservatives cause irritable bowel syndrome?

On One Hand: IBS is complicatedIrritable Bowel Syndrome has no specific cause. Instead, its sufferers often have a series of triggers that set off stomach discomfort. For some IBS sufferers, food p... Read More »

Does nicotine cause plaque buildup?

Plaque is a buildup in the walls of arteries. Cholesterol, white blood cells and calcium can narrow the artery. Nicotine acts to constrict arteries and blood vessels, allowing plaque to build up ea... Read More »

Does sugar cause blood clots/plaque in the blood(more to it below)?

No.Clots are coagulated (thick clumps) of blood. The blood thickens due to chronic dehydration. Think about how a sauce or gravy thickens. It's because the water is removed (evaporates) from the mi... Read More »

What is a fluke in the intestines?

Intestinal flukes can inflict serious damage. These parasitic worms enter the body through foods or water and lay eggs inside the intestine, causing a variety of physical ailments.FlukesFlukes, als... Read More »