Do power lines emit positive ions?

Answer Yes, power lines emit only positive ions. Other objects that emit positive ions include hair dryers, cell phones, microwaves and printers. Positive ions are found in high amounts in highly populate... Read More »

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Do power lines emit radiation?

Power lines emit electromagnetic radiation. Although research concerning health effects of radiation from power lines is inconclusive, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency still warns citizens ... Read More »

There was the slightest of lines in the positive part of your asda pregnancy test and a very strong line in the not pregnant what do you think take another in a couple of days?

This might mean that you have very low estrogen fluid in your body right now, because your so early in your pregnancy. Yes, if i was you i would take another test in about a week.

Which color is positive for a motherboard power LED?

The wires connecting to a motherboard LED are usually different colors, varying between black, white, blue, green, red, orange and yellow. The positive wires are often the colored wires, and the ne... Read More »

How to Figure out 10 to the Power of Any Positive Integer?

Solving 10 to the power of any number works to a very simple rule. This article will show how to solve 10 with any positive integer.