Do power cords contain lead?

Answer Yes, power cords contain lead---a hazardous material. Many manufacturers use lead not only inside power cords, but also mix it into the exterior coating---typically polyvinyl chloride (PVC)---to ma... Read More »

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Is there lead in all electrical cords?

Electrical cords made of PVC contain small amounts of lead. Lead poisoning is not likely but it is a good idea to wash your hands after handling them, just in case.References:Consumer Reports: Prev... Read More »

How to Hide Power Cords?

Many people have homes that are filled with gadgets, appliances and electronics. Most of these inventions have two things in common: they make life easier and they have power cords. Many people do ... Read More »

Are computer power cords interchangeable?

On One Hand: Desktop Power Cords Are InterchangeableWith rare exception, power cords for modern desktop computers are safe for use on any other desktop. In general, if the cord fits into the power... Read More »

Are laptop power cords interchangeable?

No, laptop power cords are not usually interchangeable, especially with adapters from other manufacturers. Some laptop cords from the same manufacturer may be interchangeable, although you should e... Read More »