Do potatoes have seeds in them?

Answer No, potatoes are the root of the plant. Seeds are generally found in the flower or fruit. However if you cultivate the root of a plant it can still grow, which is why potato tubers are usually used... Read More »

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Can I simply plant onion seeds (bulbs) and seed potatoes deep in the ground and expect them to grow?

The potatoes need to be mulched, and there are two ways to do it. This link will give you great info on both.…Onions: Onions are really easy to grow. A... Read More »

Do potatoes have seeds?

Actually, the answer to both your questions is "yes"! Potato plants do produce seeds. You won't find them in the part of the plant that human beings normally eat, because it isn't a fruit; it's a... Read More »

Do you have to peel potatoes when you can them?

Yes, potatoes must be peeled before canning. Potato skins contain bacteria, which could develop into botulinum toxins if the vegetables are canned without taking them off. Use only standard canning... Read More »

Do sunflower seeds have magnesuim in them?

Sunflower seeds contain a small amount of magnesium. Every ounce of sunflower seeds that have been dry roasted and have no added salt contains 10 percent of a person's daily requirement of magnesiu... Read More »