Do poppy seeds have the effects of a hallucinogen?

Answer Poppy seeds come from the seeds of the opium poppy, which is an opiate and not a hallucinogenic. While poppy seeds can cause you to fail drug tests, the amount of opium within the seeds is very sma... Read More »

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Do poppy seeds have the same affects as a hallucinogen when eaten?

Poppy seeds are inert and therefore do not have the ability to cause hallucination. However, it is possible for a small amount of poppy seeds (such as those found on a bun, cake or bagel) to cause ... Read More »

The Effects of Poppy Seeds?

Poppy seeds grow from an opium plant indigenous to the Mediterranean and are bluish gray in color. They are nutty in taste and are often used to flavor pastries, desserts, sauces, vegetables and no... Read More »

Are poppy seeds from poppy flowers?

Poppy seeds come from the opium poppy, which also produces opium and is used to make opiate medications such as codeine and morphine. Often used in muffins, buns, and other baked goods, poppy seeds... Read More »

Where do poppy seeds come from?

Poppy seeds come from poppy flowers. A few varieties of poppy flowers grow opium seeds, but it is illegal to grow these in the United States. The Dutch poppy flower is the flower that produces most... Read More »