Do poppy seeds contain opium?

Answer Opium and its related drugs--including codeine, morphine and heroin--come from the milky substance in the seed pods of opium poppies. Certain varieties of poppy seeds contain opium, but the levels ... Read More »

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Are opium poppy seeds illegal?

According to Papaver Somniferum, poppy seeds are legal in the United States. The alkaloids that are used to create opium, an illegal narcotic drug, are found in the adult flower but they are not pr... Read More »

What poppy seeds produce the best opium?

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Can you make opium from poppy seeds?

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How much opium is produced from one opium poppy plant?

Each opium poppy plant produces three to five flower heads on average, but may produce seven or more. Each flower head produces a seed pod which can contain anywhere from 10 to 100mg of opium; the ... Read More »