Do police need a warrant to open mail?

Answer The government cannot open your mail without a warrant--in most cases. In 2006, President Bush ignited controversy by attaching a statement to postal legislation announcing the government can open ... Read More »

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Can police search your car without a warrant?

A police officer can search the interior of your car without a warrant. This is classified as a Terry search and can be performed when a police officer has sufficient reason to believe that you're ... Read More »

Can police get a warrant by hearsay?

Police cannot get a warrant by hearsay alone. The Fourth Amendment requires probable cause for a warrant, and the Supreme Court has ruled that the alleged information from hearsay needs to be subst... Read More »

Do the police need a warrant to search a backpack?

The police do not need a warrant to search your backpack if you consent to the search. They can also search your backpack without a warrant to assure their safety and that of the public.References:... Read More »

Do the police need a search warrant to view a GPS?

A warrant is required to view a GPS unless the display screen is in plain sight at the time of a lawful police stop or incident leading to an arrest. Retrieving other information from a GPS beyond ... Read More »