Do police cars need license plates in indiana?

Answer "Our [Indiana's] unmarked cars need license plates," said State Police Major Carlos Pettiford of Indianapolis. Detectives, therefore, must have license plates on their vehicles. "On the marked patr... Read More »

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What does the police badge on license plates mean?

The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) emblem is found on license plates. The FOP is an organization consisting of more than 300,000 sworn police officers in more than 2,100 lodges nationwide.Referenc... Read More »

Are police the only vehicles with tax exempt license plates?

Police vehicles are not the only ones to display tax exempt license plates. Many entities may display the tax exempt tags, including volunteer fire departments, instruction vehicles in a driver edu... Read More »

Can military police give tickets for not having front license plates in California?

Military police are charged with maintaining law and order on military installations, and can enforce state and federal laws as well as violations of the uniform Code of Military Justice. Since Cal... Read More »

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