Do plants need sun to grow?

Answer Plants do need sunlight to grow. Sunlight is an essential ingredient for the process of photosynthesis, in which plants convert carbon dioxide and water into sugars and nutrients for growth. Sun la... Read More »

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Why do plants need a liquid to grow?

Plants absorb nutrients etc through the process of Osmosis. This process can only work when these elements are dissolved in water as it depends on the soil moisture content being higher than the m... Read More »

Do plants need fresh air to grow?

Plants need fresh air to live and grow. Plants use air in several ways--plant leaves use the carbon dioxide in the air to create food, while plant roots use the air's oxygen in order to gather wate... Read More »

Do ivy plants need soil to grow?

Ivy plants cannot grow without soil. The ideal soil for ivy growth receives good air circulation and drains well. Soil that stays too moist may cause the roots to rot and lead to bacterial and fung... Read More »

Do plants need light to grow?

All plants require light to grow. According to eHow, light allows plants to absorb minerals into their structures to begin the process of photosynthesis. Plants use light to produce the sugar and o... Read More »