Do plants increase indoor humidity?

Answer Yes

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How to Increase the Humidity Level in a GQF Incubator?

Developing embryos need certain amounts of humidity to properly develop. The GQF Incubator can produce an environment with different levels of humidity. Using a hygrometer to determine humidity w... Read More »

How to Increase the Humidity in a Grow Room?

Low humidity in a grow room can have disastrous effects on indoor plants. If you notice that the plants in your grow room are wilted, brown around the edges or are not growing to full potential, y... Read More »

How do you get rid of worms on indoor plants?

Either re-plant the plant in a different pot and skim threw the soil or buy worming tablets!!!!

Whiteflies on Indoor Plants?

Whiteflies are greenhouse pests that often come into homes on new plants. Examine new plants carefully for whiteflies and keep them isolated for three weeks to make sure they don't harbor whiteflie... Read More »